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The following committee and sub-committees are tasked with the analysis, planning, creation and implementation of Project 2020. Chairpersons, members, responsibilities and and other pertinent information is listed for each committee and sub-committee. If you would like to become a member of a particular sub-committee please contact either the sub-committee chairperson or the St. Bonaventure Parish office at 564-7151. Other than the Prayer Team sub-committee, we anticipate each sub-committee will have approximately 5 to 7 members.

Prayer Team
Committee Members
Chair – Fr. Mike Swanton (402) 564-7151
Co-Chair – Belinda Keiter (402) 564-7151
(All members of St. Bonaventure Catholic Church are automatically included in the Prayer Team committee.)

This sub-committee will be responsible for creating/maintaining the spiritual balance of the parish during the 2020 project development. This committee will develop a parish prayer, educate and evangelize the parish/parishioners to deepen their Catholic identity and relationship with Christ and encourage the spiritual leaders of the parish including captains of adoration, Rosary Leaders, prayer chain leaders, etc. to begin to pray for the faith, trust and success of our parish and the 2020 project.

Communications Committee
Committee Members
Chair – Tim Cumberland (402) 910-2058
Dianne Keiter
Jeanne Schieffer
Theresa Ingram
Rocio Hernandez-Adame
Connie Cumberland
Connie Codling

The Communications Committee is responsible for keeping the parish informed of all Project 2020 developments. This includes providing the history of the project, informing the parish of all committee and sub-committee activities, responding to all inquiries from parishioners and others and attending to all other communication needs as they arise.

This committee will also facilitate the planning of all significant Project 2020 public events such as Parish Committee Workshops, presentations, dedications, ground-breaking etc.

Site/Architecture Committee
Committee Members
Chair – Deacon Dan Keiter (402) 649-3332
Steve Hollinrake
Mike Pilakowski
Tyler Erickson
Jody Bargen
Royce Campbell
Mike Faltys

The Site/Architecture sub-committee will be responsible for providing direction and guidance for the overall development and design of the St. Bonaventure Parish site/campus, including gardens, courtyards, sidewalks and parking lots.  The sub-committee will also aid in establishing the overall design/development of the aesthetic, style and character of the exterior and interior of the planned building(s).

This sub-committee will provide input on building materials, finishes, lighting, acoustics, sound and mechanical and electrical building systems.  This sub-committee will help determine if additional land is required for the planned facility expansion, and work with the Finance Committee and Real Estate Committee toward this end.

Real Estate Committee
Committee Members
Chair – Eric Kluever (402) 942-4349
Co-Chair – Marv Peterson (402) 563-7165
Susi Kobus
Ron Jones
Chris Steinke

This sub-committee will be responsible for providing input involving all St Bonaventure owned properties located north of 16th Street, also referred to as “Site C”, assisting in the acquisition of any supplemental properties required for the 2020 plan, and assisting in the removal or relocation of all structures on the properties that will be used for the 2020 plan.

Finance/Capital Campaign Committee
Committee Members
Chair – Don Heimes (402) 563-1714
Co-Chair – Jan Schmeits (402) 563-3538 (daytime office #)
Co-Chair – Joe  Akers
Co-Chair  – Lois Akers
Norma Krzycki
Guadalupe Arcos
John Cimpl
Larry Dowd
Chad Gonka
Nathan Karges
Jack Pekny
John Schueth
Bob White

Committee Responsibilities: to facilitate and monitor the monetary aspects of the various components of Project 2020. This will include the creating and monitoring of budgets, coordinating with the Parish leadership on availability of funds and assisting with determination of how many or how much of the project(s) can be completed with newly raised capital campaign funds, with borrowed funds pending future payments from the capital campaign(s) and/or a combination thereof.

This sub-committee shall further be responsible for working with the Capital Campaign Consultant on all activities related to the capital campaign and fund raising. This will include assisting the Capital Campaign Consultant in identifying leadership, structure and objectives for the Capital Campaign itself.

Parish Center Committee
Committee Members
Chair – Clete Pillen (402) 276-0692
Co-Chair – Joel Young (402) 276-6016
Elaine Farley-Zoucha
Cheryl Rambour
Marcus Faltys
Jan Moser
Jody Bargen
Carol Sand
Al Hanus
Jan Fremarek
Jan Moser

The Parish Center sub-committee will be responsible for providing input on the parish center spaces including: Size of fellowship hall, kitchen serving/catering kitchen and any additional spaces if required such as family/brides room and table and chair storage.  Provide any preferences for interior materials to be used.  Providing input on or developing the ideal layout for the serving/catering kitchen.  Determining the quantity of cabinetry that is desired or required within the kitchen area.  Determining what equipment will be desired or required in the kitchen area.  With the goal of being consistent with the beauty and symbolism of the existing interior and exterior church design.

Gathering Space Committee
Committee Members
Chair – Sharee Jedlicka (402) 615-0183
Co-Chair – Mike Dreesen (402) 659-9881
Lynette Klug
Jo Sokol
Lorie Naughtin
Brian Aerni
Theresa Gabriel
nancy Gonka
Jean Jones
Shelli Naughton
Bob Voboril

The Gathering Space sub-committee will be responsible for providing input on the addition of a gathering space/narthex to St. Bonaventure Church. This input will include size, relation with existing space, traffic flow and additional spaces required within the space. It will also include input for preference for interior materials to be used.

Existing School/East End Committee
Committee Members
Chair – Cheryl Zoucha (402) 564-7153
Co-Chair – Sharee Jedlicka (402) 615-0183
Kim Allen
Jeff Ohnoutka
Sunny Lancaster
Patricia Chavez
Beth Augustine-Schulte
Barb Brockhaus
Merlin Lahm

The Existing East End of School Subcommittee will be responsible for determining the needs of the St. Bonaventure School. We will focus on current and future needs and determine if these needs can be met within the existing gym/social hall and east end structure of the school or through building renovations and additions. We will look at possibilities of shared space with Scotus or the parish as those needs fit.