Bulletin Blurbs

Check out the information below for more details on our bulletin information.  There are so many interesting opportunities for service and growth!

Enroll in E-Tithe (automatic bank account withdrawal). You can have your withdrawal taken on the 10th or 25th of each month. Call Business Manager, Kim Arlt, at 402.564.7151 for information. Please use your church envelope for the collection. If you attend another Catholic parish in Columbus, your envelope will come to St. Bon’s.

Adorers needed:
Saturday: Afternoon 3-4 pm, 4-5 pm, 5-6 pm
Saturday: Evening 7-8 pm (2nd & 4th Saturday)
Sunday: Morning 2-3 am, 3-4 am, 4-5 am (All Once a Month)
Sunday: Morning 10-11 am
Sunday: Afternoon 1-2 pm, 2-3 pm, 6-7 pm
Co-Captains needed: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday (All 6am-6pm)
Substitute Adorers are always needed.
Call Joan Jahn — 402-910-0958 (Please leave a message.)

How can I fight the Clergy Crisis? We are called to respond in unity and in prayer! Archbishop Lucas and Fr. Mike have asked us to pray! Will you respond? Be a Prayer Warrior. Commit to praying one Hail Mary every day for the priests in our city. Can you do more? How about one rosary each week, or even more often? Ask your friends to join in! Look for more ideas next week.
Green Fiber Recycling Bins
We appreciate all the paper and cardboard you contribute to the Green Fiber recycling bins. St. Bonaventure parishioners are great recyclers. Here are a few tips you can help us with!
1.ALWAYS flatten your boxes. Our bins fill up fast, but they fill up faster if you do not flatten your boxes.
2. NEVER put cardboard or paper outside of the bins. If the bins are full, please wait to drop off your paper. When people start putting paper on the outside of the bins it makes a very big mess which upsets our neighbors and the police department. Papers tend to blow outside of our recycling area.
3. NEVER put trash, plastics, cans etc. in the recycling bins. We can only accept paper and cardboard.
4. BE PATIENT! Sometimes our bins do not always get dumped on time. Our bins are usually emptied on Fridays. Trucks break down, drivers change jobs, etc. Some things are just beyond our control so please be patient if the bins are full.
Thanks again for being great recyclers!




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