AdorationPro System at St. Bonaventure Catholic Church


Instructional Videos

Below are a series of short informational and instructional videos, each one focusing on a particular aspect of using AdortionPro.

We encourage you to watch all of the videos, or to come back for a quick review when you might have a particular question about some part of the program.



Adorers Self-Register

Designed exclusively for Eucharistic Adoration programs, AdorationPro™ from Parish Solutions Company makes adoration scheduling and recruiting a breeze. 

To bring the miraculous gift of Adoration to more people, we can now just publish the sign-up webpage address in our weekly bulletin, post it on the website, send out an email through our Flocknotes system, promote it on social media, etc.  

New Adorers can now self-register by themselves and then receive reminder emails or text messages each week. Everything is automatic.

No Usernames or Complicated Log-in Procedures

This system has been specifically designed to accommodate those uncomfortable with using computers or digital devices, while still bringing all of the advantages of the system to our parish Adoration program. Adorers do not need an individual PIN, username, or passwords to use and access AdorationPro.

When you arrive at the Chapel, your name will automatically be on an iPad screen and all you have to do is click it and you’re done. Visitors can also check-in on the same screen and be offered the chance to become a sub or permanent Adorer.

Automatic Find a Sub System

Finding subs is now easier than ever. A built-in sub list lets adorers quickly and easily find a sub on their own.

Spanish Support

By clicking one button, the user can change AdorationPro into Spanish. AdorationPro will remember when a user signed up using Spanish and send future emails/texts to that person in Spanish.

A Record of Success

AdorationPro is now used successfully by many Catholic parishes around the country and besides becoming more efficient, many have experienced an increase in people coming to Adoration.

For any questions, you can email any of the Administration AdorationPro people listed below, contact the St. Bonaventure parish office, contact the Captain of your particular Adoration time period, or even just ask anyone else who is in the Adoration program.

Joan Jahn – Adoration Program Coordinator, click Here to email
Dianne Keiter, click Here to email
Tim Cumberland,  click Here to email
Mike Allen, click Here to email


Computer and SmartPhone Background Wallpaper


Below are photos of the “He Chose Me” Adoration image, surrounded by the rays of Divine Mercy, sized to fit common digital devices.

We encourage you to download the size that fits your computer screen, tablet or smartphone and use it for your background screen (wallpaper) image.  If you don’t see your specific device, try one that is close to yours and it will likely fit.

It’s a wonderful way to remind you of the great gift of Adoration, plus an easy way to evangelize at home or at work as others see it.

Just click on the correct size and then download the image to your device.

   Standard 4 x 3 Computer Screen




1280 x 1024 Screen Size





2048 x 1280 Screen Size





     2560 x 1440 Screen Size

           iPad 5th Generation




   Iphone 7 and 8







       Iphone X







   Iphone 12







   Iphone 12 mini